February 4, 2019
Understanding the Role of Whole Life Insurance as a Non-Correlated Investment and Retirement Asset

Whole life insurance as an investment allows an investor to spread their risk and realize portfolio appreciation while avoiding the invariable speed bumps that stock market investing presents. This is a wise strategy for investors of any age; but for those planning for retirement, it absolutely is worth pursuing.

Simplifying Mysteries Surrounding Long-Term Care Insurance

According to industry statistics, nearly 70 percent of U.S. adults will require some sort of personal assistance after age 65. This alone makes a strong case for long-term care insurance as a means to ensuring optimal care throughout one’s senior years.

Tax Reform’s Impact on Tax, Life Insurance, Pension and Estate Planning

The implications of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are multifaceted and impact wealth and estate tax planning to varying degrees. In this article, we offer some key takeaways as they pertain to personal wealth management, cor­porate and individual planning, life insurance planning and pension planning strategies.